Heather Carisch | Artist Statement      

                                                La Luna,  Macrophotography, 24 x 38 in., ed 1/7

                                                La Luna, Macrophotography, 24 x 38 in., ed 1/7

Carisch’ new body of work was inspired by a famous surf spot on the Island of Maui called Hookipa. As she watched wind-surfers race down the walls of massive waves, she felt both exhilarated and alive. Stepping into her studio, Carisch developed a new methodology combining various painting and printmaking techniques with the use of macrophotography.  In order to create added depth, she uses layering techniques borrowed from the lithographic process. She started saving the Plexiglas used for her monoprints and found it was more beautiful than the prints themselves. Her artwork resonates unmistakably with great energy and passion – bold colors and fluid lines give her works a life of their own. Carisch’ meditative process creates movement and complexity in the composition while at the same time retaining its integrity.  “I want my work to have that life force that’s not blocked by the mind or by human experience and expectation… I never aspire to record a realistic statement about nature, I want the essence of it.”