Conga,  Acrylic polymer emulsion on canvas on panel, 16 x 12 in. 

Conga, Acrylic polymer emulsion on canvas on panel, 16 x 12 in. 

For artist James Lecce, color and form are fluidly intertwined. His marbled compositions reveal elegant shapes that emerge from pools of mixed pigments and acrylic emulsion, poured with calculated precision. Layered liquid formations surge in a rippled sea of greens and violets wrapped in metallic veins of gold and silver. “As always, color is key,” says Lecce. “ I continue to use metallics and iridescents ... to amplify the alchemic properties of paint, along with unusual color combinations derived from both of these ‘muse’ landscapes to suggest an organic-synthetic interplay.”  Lecce draws historical inspiration from Rococo, Art Nouveau, and Action Painting art movements, as well as music and nature. His works bring to mind striated rocks, petrified wood, puddled water, and vibrant psychedelic visions that range from muted tones to boldly contrasted color palettes.