Finding Genesis,  Refracted Light, LED Lights, Plexi, Glass, 25.75 x 19 x 4.5 in.

                      Finding Genesis, Refracted Light, LED Lights, Plexi, Glass, 25.75 x 19 x 4.5 in.

In Murray’s most recent “Light" series, floating images are created by violently scratching and drilling each transparent sheet, which is then stacked together.  The light source of LED Lights set in the frame create a delicate floating image of refracted light, revealing themselves like veils. Without the light source the image cannot exist. In “Urban Nature" she takes mass-produced pieces of cardboard found discarded on the streets of New York and then proceeds to burn, stitch and embellish them with re-appropriated materials. "Urban Nature" is an exploration between the intersection of commerce and culture, shifting back and forward between industrial and organic. 

The repetitive pattern making is a meditative process, self-informing itself as the piece evolves. The geometric and circular patterns give rise to question whether they are something grown or man made, exploring a universe in which forms continually verge on collapse and rearrangement, creating a constant flux. The work osculates between macro and micro cosmos, spiraling in and out of control, but at the heart of this disorienting movement lies stillness.